Hi there! I'm Michelle-The Budget Mama- You may be wondering what exactly I mean by "the budget" Mama. Well, here it is! I am a full time working mom of a toddler, wife, dog mom, home maker... you know, the works! I've found that most moms these days are just that... we are the do-it-all, swiss army knives in human form.

Back to the point- I know what a struggle is to be always going, financially struggling, and stressing always. When I say "budget," the first thought is financially. I'm here to share deals, steals, and all of my favorite "budget friendly" items. BUT, I'm also here to share tips, tricks, and routines that have helped me better budget my time and efforts in every day life.

What does that look like? Sometimes it's a product that helps me perform tasks more efficiently. Sometimes, its a journal or a planner to help me keep my thoughts straight. Sometimes, it's simply doing something, like taking a walk, to help me "budget" my stress levels.

There's a lot to take in here, and I'm thrilled to share it all with you. Keep exploring my page to check me out on social media, sign up for emails, and keep in touch!

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